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i found this list a few years ago in Glamour magazine. I read it everytime, I'm having a bad day and it gives me a self confident boost. I thought I should post it here, since we're all about self love.

14 things in life no one can take away from you
1. All the things you learned so young that they're stuck for good: pig latin, the 50 states in alphabetical order, how to nail the 50-pointer on Skee-Ball everytime.
2. The ping! you felt the first time you kissed him.
3. Your backbone.
4. Your dream - whether it features exotic beaches or white picket fences.
5. Um...orgasms
6. Your gift for making a baby laugh, a man sweat, a boss cheer, and a bartender pour you one on the house.
7. Your first memory - the one everyone swears you shouldn't be able to remember.
8. Everything you've ever learned from rejection letters, breakups, jobs you didn't get.
9. The knowledge that you did, in fact, live through high school - and never have to repeat it.
10. Your ability to take pleasure in your company, even on a Saturday night.
11. Your flaws. (And thank goodness for that! Perfect is so over rated)
12. Your unique mental encyclopedia, the one that includes Barry Bonds' stats and the full-color palette of NARS lip glosses.
13. Your smile.
14. The fact that your legs can take you anywhere, regardless of whether they jiggle along the way.
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