Fight the Demon

of an Eating Disorder.

Scene kids recover & live punk.
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We are here to help, not to start fights,
We want you along with the rest of the world
to live the best life that you can possibly live.
we welcome everyone to our little community of hope,
only wishing that you will get the best out of it.
this is not a pro-ana community, it's the opposite of one.
here, we believe in loving yourself for who you are.
if you need any additional help, IM me or one of the co-mods on AIM.
all of your problems and questions are welcome.

and I really hope that myself, and the other members of this community can support eachother;
in every way possible, to make our life more fulfilling;
and to detach ourselves from the ED ruining lives of men & women everywhere.

you are welcomed to post anything that expresses your innerself leading to you a path of nirvana